There is a plain fact and that is that everybody wants to be happy and avoid suffering. It is only natural to want to be happy, healthy and obtain everything that one desires. On the other side, all of us don´t want to experience again those things that hurt us and are unpleasant. The best thing to do here is to dedicate all your time and thoughts to positive actions, sooner or later they will come back to you and by living a positive lifestyle you will become happier, full of positive things and great people surrounding you. 

A life coach can help you build up this new lifestyle, it may sound really easy but in reality, it is not. This is why the help of a certified professional coach comes as a great help when making changes in our lifestyle. Change is not easy, there are many habits that we have and maybe do not even notice but they can be hurting us. A life coach has the ability to detect them so they could be turned into positive joy and love for yourself. 

The process will be an ever-unfolding blossom of positive development that you will experience in events in your life one after the other. A life coach will totally be able to guide you and give you the right approach to the process, but here we have eight points on which you can start working on to attain this confidence in yourself:

· You are unique: So stop comparing yourself to others, this will only bring jealousy and discomfort.

· Connection: Sometimes it happens and some other times it doesn´t, therefore not everybody has to accept you and like you. We are all different and acceptance is sometimes a matter of personal connection.

· You are worth it: You have to be aware that you are a valuable person with a lot of qualities. This will make you shine every day.

· Work with what you have: Cherish your talents and qualities, start by recognizing them and making the best out of every situation.

· Help others: What goes around comes around, helping other without expecting something back will naturally bring out love and joy.

· Be here now: By living in the present moment you will not be worrying or wasting time by thinking in the past or future. The only moment you really have is now.

· Do what you want: It is time to follow your dreams and experience what you have always wanted to. You will be living a meaningful life.

· Be you: You are a unique person with special gifts that will help you be happy with what you already have and get the strength to work on the areas that need to be improved, but without feeling less than the unique person you are.

Loving yourself and being truly happy are part of your well-being, it is part of your health. It is wonderful to decide to work on this with the guidance of a professional certified coach who can lead you through this positive personal development in life.