Perhaps you know someone who is incredibly gifted and successful in life. You can’t help but feel jealous of them, but you also wonder just how they came to be that way. While it’s possible that success can be attributed to hard work and good fortune, many people don’t realize that having a strong character—to stand, tolerate, and push forward—is an important key to living a good, meaningful life. That said, I am here to give you a list of the top seven most important traits seen in strong individuals. Perhaps you’ll then be inspired to work towards being that successful person you know, too!


  1. Good integrity.

    People who are tough know that it’s important to be resilient when it comes to the ups and downs of life. There will always be not-so-good aspects thrown your way (e.g. disappointment, rejection), and it is necessary to stay grounded in yourself when it happens.


  1. Be focused.

    At times, we will feel lost and confused in life, with no sense of direction to keep us steady. Those who are resilient are able to stay focused on things, whether it’s school, work, or the future. They know what they want in life; they have a purpose.


  1. Stay inspired.

    Whether it’s through reading a book or taking a stroll through nature, tough people will look for ways to be inspired in the everyday life. Lacking the inspiration and not making an effort to do so makes it difficult to work towards success, so it’s encouraged to find ways to find meaning and motivation.


  1. Adapt well.

    Every once in a while, life will throw you a curve ball. While you can do your very best to avoid it, sometimes it will be inevitable, and you’ll have to face the consequences regardless. That is why it is important to stay flexible so that you can recover quickly and get yourself back on track with your goals and aspirations.


  1. Accept change.

    Similar to #4, people who are strong will not only know to adapt well, but also to accept change if things don’t turn out well. Whether the results are favorable or not, these individuals are capable of dealing with them, and then moving on.


  1. Want to learn.

    This goes hand-in-hand with being inspired, but having the desire to learn and discover new things every day not only makes for productivity but also for success later down the line. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power and those who acquire it become powerful themselves.


  1. Stay positive.

    Of course, it is better to have a bright outlook on life rather than a dark, pessimistic one. Having faith that things will turn out for the better helps maintain a healthy mind, and so by doing so will lead to a stronger, determined character.


*Bonus!*8. Take care of your health.

Being strong isn’t just being mentally fit; it’s also a matter of taking care of the body. Resilient individuals know how to stay in shape, eat well, and practice a good lifestyle. Only by being healthy can you be in the best form to take on life’s challenges.