We all have lazy days when you drag ourselves out of bed and lack the zeal to do basic duties. These are also the days when you feel less inspired about life. There are many reasons that can attribute to this feeling. It could be due to high stress at work, lack of regular exercise, poor diet habits and not having enough rest just to mention a few. However, this feeling should not ruin your day. There are easy and quick ways to boost your mood and remain energetic throughout the day.

Quick pick me up tips

Eat something

Sometimes the tired outlook and low energy levels are caused by poor diet, irregular eating patterns or hunger. These factors cause your blood sugar to drop, and you feel grumpy, tired and unable to concentrate. The fastest way to fix this problem is eating a snack or having a full meal if it’s time for one. However, you should choose what you eat carefully because foods that contain high amounts of processed sugar can have a negative effect on your mood and energy levels instead of boosting them. Examples of foods you can consume includes;


it contains Vitamin B12 that protects brain cells and keeps you sharp. It also contains zinc, selenium, and iodine that are crucial in maintaining the right mood.

Dark chocolate:

chocolate has long been known to boost mood and concentration. But it must be the dark organic chocolate that contains more cocoa as compared to the regular milky and sugary chocolates.

Greek yogurt:

low calcium levels lead to irritability, slow reactions, and depression. Greek yogurt contains calcium in the right amounts to boost mood and reduces depression.


tomatoes contain the nutrient lycopene that prevents the build-up of brain compounds that trigger depression and protects brain fat. The nutrient is found in tomato skin.

Do some exercises

We all know that exercise is good for healthy physical and mental growth. According to psychologists, exercising makes a person feel better and in control of things. Moreover, you feel energetic and stronger after an exercise routine. Exercises that are effective in relieving stress and boosting mood include;

Tai Chi:

this an ancient martial art from China. It’s slow yet precise moves are believed to calm the mind and reduce stress.


Yoga is an all-time favorite exercise activity among women. Practicing yoga regularly boosts overall mood and reduces anxiety especially through the slow breathing activities.


Cycling activates brain circuits that are responsible for making a person feel energized.


Smiling is the best and easiest way to boost your mood and look better. A genuine smile releases endorphins and offers sudden happiness. When in a bad mood or feeling out of energy, the last thing you want or think of doing is smiling. However, it is the best and effortless way to boost your mood.

There are many ways to boost mood and pick yourself up. Different solutions work differently among different people. Thus, it up to you to understand yourself and what improves your mood, reduces stress and raises your energy levels. A certified professional coach can also come in handy in such situations.