Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re either at a point where you don’t know what you want to do for work, or you are working on something but aren’t very happy and would like to do something else. Your body will usually give you signals, since this is more than psychological and you might even experience symptoms such as nausea. But, what can you do? What will make you happy?

In the beginning, you won’t be actually able to answer yourself. It’s either that, or your answer will include escaping to a distant country, but your heart knows that that is not the solution and the right answer. You want a life where you will be happy, and you won’t need to escape from it. At this point, a smart thing to do would be to try and get your question to be a little more achievable. For example, you can ask yourself what you are curious about.

Now you will begin to create a list of possibilities, a list of things that you might do to make yourself happy in life and be satisfied with where you are. The more you understand the things that don’t really make you happy, the closer you get to joy. As you find that the things you come up with actually do make you happy, you will have a clearer direction of where you would like to go with your life.

It is at this stage of your thinking that you get an intense craving for change. A craving that only increases if you continue doing what you currently do, and you realize that stepping into the unknown is not such a bad idea and you might even go for it. And you should. You should create more space to discover possibilities and allow your life to have more purpose. When you’re always busy, your day doesn’t give you time and you forget to give our pleasure some priority, and you need to solve this.

You will also find that you oftentimes try to reward yourself with something, anything from sitting in a restaurant or going on a holiday, even buying a new piece of wardrobe, only in an attempt to compensate for the unhappiness you feel.

You should stop this, and start investing in yourself and clearing your debts, so you can follow your wishes.

When you’re looking for your purpose, you should be aware that you cannot define it with one thing. It is a choice you make every day, a choice which decides how you show up in the world. When you show up following your wishes and enjoying your happiness, then you are living your purpose. The more you follow your passion, the more purpose you will find.

When you finally answer what makes you happy, you realize that you can find something that will bring you both purpose and joy.  If you would like to talk to someone about finding your own joy and purpose, reach out to Shannon here.