Perhaps you’re a perfectionist, or you have high hopes for your dreams in life. However, when obstacles and other inconveniences get in the way of your progress, you can’t help but feel frustrated, even angry, about aspects way out of your control. The thing is, there will always be factors in life that will happen whether for the good or the bad, and it’s important to accept them.


I am here to help you accept things that you can’t change in your life, as well as how to move on from them. Not only will doing so make you a happier person, but also one who will know how to deal with similar situations down the line. Let’s get started!


Learn techniques to cope.


When the sudden loss of a job or the death of a loved one takes place, it can be way too simple just to stay miserable for a long time, even blame others or yourself for letting these things happen. It’s important, then, to realize that you’re feeling these strong emotions while at the same time taking steps to move past them. Don’t be afraid to go through the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance), which will help you cope with these tragedies in life. Once you arrive at acceptance, you’ll then be able to find peace with yourself, as well as figure out how to move on from there.


Let go of the past.


While you might be successful at work, home life, and relationships, there will be moments when a not-so-good past memory will pop up in your head. Perhaps it’s a thought of a former relationship that ended badly or a mistake that you made when you were younger that negatively affected someone else. Regardless of what it was, it’s important not to let the memory cripple you from moving ahead. The past is the past, and there’s no way to change it; all you can do is forgive yourself and others, then go on with life.


Redefine your expectations.


Some of us admit that our standards for certain things (e.g. education, work, personal interactions) might be too high, especially when we realize that the reality tends to be quite disappointing. Having actual results lower than what we expected not only is a let-down, but also decreases our motivation to do the same for future endeavors. Taking a moment to step back and reevaluate how realistic your expectations are is the best thing you can do, and then go about changing them. Although your redefined expectations still might not be exactly how the reality turns out, at least it’ll be closer to them and you won’t feel as disappointed as before.


Organize your goals.


Similar to the third on this list, having too high of a goal not only sets you up for not succeeding in it, but also results in you feeling discouraged and unwilling to try again in the future. With that said, breaking up your goals into manageable steps is a better way of going about it; taking them slowly step-by-step also helps with less stress, and over time, you will be able to accept what you can and cannot do, finding your strengths and weaknesses to help you become a fitter, happier person.