When I started my coaching business, I knew that my understanding of my purpose was still unfolding. It was like squinting through a windshield when it was raining; I could see the road, but just barely and the image was distorted and unclear. I also knew from experience that each of us must start somewhere. It takes bravery and self-trust to move forward and take action when you don’t know what exactly lies ahead.
In my own life I have always felt the calling to move forward. Like a deep guiding force, it scorched through me, filling me with energy when I listened and burning me when I didn’t. I became very aware of what it meant to move forward in one’s life and what it took to make such a push. When I realized that I could serve others, by helping them move forward, my entire spirit lit up with purpose. I felt glowing with this purpose—fairly rocketing with energy—and at the same time grounded by it. That is the power behind purpose: its balance of energy.
My purpose can be more fully explained as you get to know me better. My work with men is extremely important to me. Honestly, I believe I will be an advocate for men’s emotional health for the rest of my life. I’ve witnessed what happens when men don’t find the opportunity to live their truth. I’ve also seen the incredible power men have when they become aware of new perspectives. So why do I work with mature men?
One of my strengths is devising strategy and developing tools. Once I could see that, I understood a little more why working with men resonates with me like it does. Also, I have a very strong sense of boundaries, which is helpful when earning men’s trust and creating space for them to speak freely—something that our society has made difficult for men to find. You would be amazed by the number of women who refer me to their husbands and co-workers. That is a testament to the clarity my purpose has brought to my profession and the success I have had in building trust and boundaries.
For many reasons, I naturally speak men’s language—I know how to translate their behaviors, words and expressions into the deeper issues and concerns these surface signals of communication reflect. Interestingly enough, my perspectives from a distance can look foreign to many, which provokes curiosity. However, I’ve also learned that when you don’t fully understand someone, you can actually learn a lot from them because you pay closer attention to what they say and do and you can discover new things about yourself as you learn more about them. Another thing that makes me unique and my perspective an asset when working with men is that I am rarely affected by a person’s title, such as “president” or “CEO.” In our culture we tend to define ourselves in such ways, using these titles to hide behind or we feeling trapped by them—caged in by expectations and assumptions. Personally, I’ve learned to just see people as the incredible human beings they are, which helps to create that free space in which men can explore their inner selves and thoughts, not those that they think society expects of them.
I have a slightly different purpose when helping women—I guide them and offer support throughout a journey that I myself have made—learning how to step into my own as a woman and human was a transformational experience to say the least. It was like a brilliant source was ignited in this world—and it came from deep in me. I feel that we all have such a light inside of us.

It is a powerful feeling helping others define their own strengths and call out their inner purpose. It is also so freeing to watch women for the first time, move forward in areas of their life in which they previously could not see a clear path. As airy fairy as it sounds, it’s pretty freaking magical.

One thing about this process of self-discovery that I’ve seen time and time again is that it’s never too late to start. I remember when I turned 30, I wondered if I had lost my chance to change my life. I was so thankful that instead of giving up and resigning myself to stagnation that I kept striving to move forward! I found my calling and I have thrown myself into my work with enthusiasm and joy. I’m blessed to be able to serve others—both younger and older—step up and out of old patterns of thinking. People are taking hold of their own little world—and in turn, completely changing this great big one for the better.
What a privilege it has been to step into my purpose. I’m so grateful for the chance to help others find theirs.