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I love working with men! As a life coach for men, I’ve seen amazing transformations – and even subtle changes that make all the difference. Why? Men possess an amazing amount of untapped potential! If they harness it and focus that potential in the right direction, they can use it to their benefit – to live the lives they desire, to cultivate dynamic relationships, and to become the kinds of leaders that companies dream of employing.

One reason that I love being a men’s life coach is that I’ve found that men resonate with my coaching philosophy. I take a shared, partnership approach, rather than a hierarchical, talk down approach. Men respond well to this as we learn together, in the most efficient way, to get them where they would like to go.

Men's Life Coach
Life Coach for Men

As a life coach online, my approach is different than many others. I use simple and caring honesty to move our conversations forward and to uncover hidden potentials. While the approach is gentle and humble, it’s straightforward and uncomplicated. We get where we need to go quickly.

Furthermore, I use my ability to see options that are not always apparent from their perspective. Being able to see these alternative actions or opportunities is a great advantage as a men’s life coach. They respond well to those new courses of action – that are suddenly obvious once they see them. This plays a role in the success I have had with coaching men.

The best part of my approach is the long-term benefits. It isn’t about fixing one temporary problem or just results for today. I’m a firm believer in teaching my clients the tools and strategies they will need to go out and continue to improve relationships, advance their professional development, and—overall—live healthier lives. I want to see them ready to take on their lives and use the new tools they have to create the life they want.

Men are looking for better relationships, fulfilling careers, healthy living. And these are often the lives that their fathers never had. Although they long for these kinds of lives, they aren’t always sure how to get them. They haven’t had these lives modeled for them or they haven’t seen the skills needed to develop them in real life.

I’ve repeatedly watched men come to me severely doubtful that coaching will “work for them.” They have their questions and I understand. They don’t have direct experience with a life coach for men or they haven’t seen it in practice in the lives of the men they admire.

It’s key to acknowledge these reservations. They are common, and often normal. I see these reservations in many people who choose online life coaching – and those who don’t. Like many other doubts and hesitations, especially those regarding one’s own personal choices, they can hold us back. These can be obstacles that prevent us from taking full advantage of our resources and optimizing our potential for awesomeness. Before we can move forward, we must acknowledge them.

Online Life Coach for Men

Once we are able to see the obstacles, as a men’s life coach, I help men see a way around the harmful doubts to a new path that leads to a more fulfilling career, as well as stronger relationships with others and an improved relationship with oneself.

That relationship, the one with ourselves, is often the most important – and too often overlooked. Men can tend to focus on others first – and forget about their own relationship with themselves. That can often be the place we need to start. Because after all, we are stuck with ourselves 24/7, 365 days a year. We set that relationship aside though, as life gets busy and we focus on the needs of others. It is not surprising that that relationship, above all others, requires some attention.

I love being a life coach for men, because I know what kind of potential men are capable of. Even if you have forgotten what that potential feels looks like or what it can lead to. Not only will I remind you, but I will also teach you the skills to hold on to it.

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