The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can bring to a coaching session. Here’s a list of many things I’ve walked through with clients: each of these started as obstacles and became opportunities. We all have to move through hard things to get to a productive space to create the lives we desire and we don’t have to do it alone.

I encourage you to look at the list and see if something here is what you want in your own life. When you’re ready to make the commitment, my coaching experience, knowledge, and compassion are here to help you turn your challenges into triumphs too.

Life Experiences

Shannon the Coach - Endless Ocean Coaching - What to bring to a coaching session?
  • Heal from a loss of intimacy, trust, partners addictive or painful patterns

  • Transition from work to retirement

  • Transition from relationships such as divorce

  • Dating and partner navigation

  • Find a healthy partner after an unhealthy relationship

  • Create new patterns with children that lead to healthier relationships

  • Handle the stress of partner interactions in new ways

  • Processes grief and the meaning of death

Shannon the Coach - Endless Ocean Coaching - What to bring to a coaching session?
  • Find a spiritual path and emotional, mental and spiritual well-being

  • Deal with loss of health of yourself or a partner, learning to live life in new ways

  • Find forgiveness, boundaries and closure with the actions of parents and/or adult children

  • Redevelop self-esteem

  • Heal from the actions of others without the other party’s participation

  • Learn ways to stop repeating painful patterns like feeling less anger towards others, break down judgmental thoughts and feelings of others actions and beliefs, etc.

  • Create awareness around reasons for numbing with food, shopping, Netflix etc.

  • Create accountability in whatever you want to personally accomplish

Shannon the Coach - Endless Ocean Coaching - What to bring to a coaching session?
  • Learn how to live with less stress and more time

  • Learn ways to handle family conflict that doesn’t involve being triggered both emotionally and physically

  • Live free of negative self-talk and self-sabotaging patterns

  • Learning to cope, live and thrive with a partner while dealing with depression

  • Address perfectionism and expectations that create painful life experiences

  • Approach difficult conversations with less stress

Work Experiences 

  • Learn and develop communication skills that set you apart

  • Learn ways to handle stress and anger with situations and people around you

  • Move forward when you see no choices in your career or workplace

  • Find more purpose in your current role

  • Start a new career and feel confident in the hiring process

  • Learn how work effectively and happily with coworkers and teams with different personality types

Shannon the Coach - Endless Ocean Coaching - What to bring to a coaching session?
  • Rock job interviews and apply for jobs that are suited to your strengths and potential

  • Repair relationships within the workplace and create emotional safety

  • Discover what emotional blocks are keeping you from sales or financial freedom

  • Facilitate communication between men and women in the workplace effectively

  • Learn critical thinking skills

  • Address burnout and being overloaded