Ways to Connect to Shannon and the Coaching Process

Are you my perfect client? (My clients often have common values and goals.)


  • Are you seeking more accountability, focus and/or energy?


  • Are you a willing participant in the learning process?


  • Do you wanting to see and move towards the bigger picture for your life, business or career?


  • Do you need support to meet your goals? (Everyone needs some kind of support.)


  • Would you like to know how a choice could result in a certain outcome now—and 5 years from now?


  • Are you seeking a clear understanding of your purpose and goals?


  • Do you want to gain personal and professional confidence?


  • Would you like to grow beyond your current habits and patterns?


  • Would you like to turn your strengths into higher level actions and outcomes?


  • Are you curious how to use your natural personality to lead and structure your actions?


  • Are you a naturally service-minded person but you often experience burnout?


If you said YES to ANY of these questions, you likely are ready for the coaching process. If so, I have a few offerings that might interest you.

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Meet Shannon! Let her know your goals for the coaching process!

"Every coach I have ever hired, I’ve wanted to “meet” first, even if only on Zoom."

The best coaches have coaches too! -Shannon

That is why I offer this 15-minute appointment, so that I can meet clients before we start our work together. I want to make sure you are ready and that our time together is one of the most valuable learning experiences of your life. Book today so we can get to know each other better. It’s also free!

Try an Individual Coaching Session with Shannon!

Are you ready for your breakthrough? 60 minutes could change everything.


In this 60-minute session  I will help you:


  • Take a clear look at a couple of current challenges you face.


  • Gain clarity regarding what is actually holding you back from overcoming that challenge or ways to shift how you feel.


  • Develop a basic plan for moving forward from this challenge—with practical steps for today, as well as for over the next few weeks.


Cost of the individual coaching session is $200


*every client in the last 7 years found benefits to coaching. In reality, this is not a risky investment.

Workshop Coaching Pacakges

The 3-Month Coaching Package

Ready to dive in and make a powerful life change? Then this package is ready for you. This package is for people who want to change their lives right now, 3 months from now, —then see that change reflected in their lives even 3 years from now.  (This offering allows you to pay monthly.)

So What Do You Get?

3 months of coaching includes:

  • 4 one-on-one, 60-minute sessions each month (meeting each week for one hour—and yes, you will begin to feel a change in your thinking as soon as after the first session)

  • 1 Energy Leadership Assessment

  • 1 StrengthsFinder Assessment

  • 1 business day a week in which you can use Voxer (a direct chat app) as support between sessions. This is fun and a great way to connect with Shannon with questions and to share wins and/or experiences you are having from the coaching work.

  • You also get follow ups a few days after the session to reflect on your learning.

  • Shannon will send you customized notes of each session and also follow up between sessions with reminders of any agreed upon homework.

  • Shannon is known for going above and beyond for her clients. You will likely receive book recommendations, places to find resources to support your coaching work, and you will always have the level of accountability you would expect from a professional, full-time life coach.


  • Pay in full is $2000. (Price per session $166)

  • Monthly payments 733.00 a month.

(Price per session $183.25)

(This is a total of 4+ hours of live coaching per month, plus support between sessions.

*You also have the option of paying for the entire package up front—saving yourself $200.