A Year of Loving, Supportive, Accountability.

A year of coaching, loving accountability, and support.


Live your life in a way you have never lived before.


One year is all it takes for life to never be the same.



Outcomes of the year of Change


  • A return of your personal power over you own life


  • You will know and feel that your life outcome is in your own hands and how to change it


  • Confidence that is felt and noticeable


  • Ability to make decisions and move forward with ease


  • Create patterns in your life that work for you as an individual


  • Have a more enjoyable relationship with yourself


  • Feel a sense of balance, peace and freedom


  • Foster relationships that are meaningful and healthy


  • Create outcomes that are right for your life

Package Details

• 365 days of accountability and support. Done with love, humor, and extreme care

• 12-weeks of one-on-one coaching (one coaching hour per week)

*All sessions via Zoom

• 9 months of one-on-one sessions (2- 45 minute coaching sessions per month)

• 9 months of monthly group meetings where we celebrations and share growth

• Meet other people that are seeking growth and accountability just like you!

• 3 extras anytime sessions can be used as needed in the year

• Weekly email support check-ins that we design together

• Support as needed to help and make sure you reach your goals

You will learn

  • What supports your wellbeing and how to practice that daily for the rest of your life

  • You will understand your personal strengths and how to use them to improve aspects of your life such as your career or relationships

  • You will understand your unique personality type strengths and weaknesses so it’s easier to navigate through life and understand your uniqueness

  • You will have a better sense of your life’s purpose

  • There will be a shift in self-confidence that is noticed by yourself and others

  • You will feel more in control of your mental, emotional and behavior patterns and habits

  • You will get a handle of coping strategies that have served their purpose but are no longer aiding in your best life

  • You will be in formation of a better relationship with yourself and your ability to make decisions that are best for you

  • If there are aspects of life that you feel disorganized, stuck, or paralyzed, we will look at those things overtime in a healthy and supportive way and create new patterns.

Through this process you will move through your goals, and redefining your goals as you grow and change. The work that you do in this year, will impact the rest of your life.

After 1 year, your life will never be the same.