Life can truly be much simpler than what we think. Due to routine or problems that are constantly popping up we can easily just fall deep into them and forget about the right vision towards life. There are many ways in which you can deal with all life issues and still be happy. A life coach can help you find the right way to change things in your life for you to become happier.

Here are 10 simple changes that you can make in order to become happier:

· Work-out:

You will release all the energy that has been kept in silence. There is actually a great chemical reaction which is the release of endorphins. Endorphins help you get rid of stress. Plus you will be improving your health and you physical image. It is a great package to get in change for a work-out routine. It is important to be constant.

· Laugh:

Start to pick movies, shows and most important of all people who can make you laugh. Laughter is a super pusher of happiness.

· Sleep well:

To have a good night of rest is basic in order to feel 100% energized the next day. Not to mention that fact that rejuvenates you. It also decreases the level of stress and sets you in a good mood for the rest of your following day.

· Open the windows:

Enjoy the daylight, the shining light of the day is a very useful source of energy and it is subconsciously linked to happiness. Take yourself on a field trip, start to do outdoors activities. All of this will boost your vitamin D and help your health.

· Fell your own senses:

You can go back to basics and just take a moment to enjoy the scent of a flower on your way to work, or the taste of your meal during lunch. Senses can bring lots of happiness and positive feelings when we pay attention and enjoy.

· Use more your body:

Nowadays people tend to live in a sedentary way. This will not help your mood but it will just bring tendencies of laziness and feeling down. So get off the couch and go for a walk or a run!

· Friends on the way:

Enjoy the company of your friends as much as possible. As humans, we need to feel a sense of being part of a group or community and share our feelings and ideas with others. Call any of your friends and go out to eat, have a cup of tea. Contacting a certified professional coach makes this type of changes easier.

· Smell:

This sense is linked to memory. Nice scents will bring nice memories into your mind and therefore make you feel better.

· Massage:

Getting a massage is an effective way to get out of the routine and take the time to relax. No worries or pending are allowed to roll in your head while getting the benefits of a massage.

· Be here and now:

Enjoy each moment by being fully present. Sense the freshness of the present moment in your life and be open to enjoy everything more. A life coach can help you to learn this technique.