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What’s the next step in your life? What are you looking for? If something has been missing, how do you even start going about finding it?

Fill in the blank. What does that missing piece look like for you? What does it sound like and feel like? And how do you make it happen in your life?

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Coaching for Men

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Coaching for Women

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Workshop Packages

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Have you considered life coach services online?

Whether you’ve been struggling with something for years or are on the precipice of new changes, we can work together to see a clear path forward toward your goals. Through the power of modern technology, using online meeting tools and apps, we can connect from anywhere. Across town or across the globe, working with an online life coach is easy. No fighting traffic, finding transportation, searching for the right location – and all the unnecessary and added stresses of getting to a certain office on time. Just take a deep breath and relax. Be yourself, be brave and own the moment. And let’s get you on the right track to your personal life goals.

With life coach services online, you have the flexibility to meet with me from anywhere. While I love meeting with my clients here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I also enjoy getting to know a broad spectrum of clients from around the country and world. Video conferencing brings us together in a way that is intimate enough to let us chat freely and instant enough to work for anyone with internet access.

The men and women I serve as a life coach are ready. They know they have a greater potential, but they also have some doubts. They are eager to make some big changes, but they are reserved in their outlook. They respond to gentle honesty, and some hard truths, but mostly they are ready to dig deep into themselves to uncover their hidden gifts. They have untapped strengths and are ready to live their life to its fullest potential. Those are my people. They may not be sure yet about an online life coach – but they are ready to give it a try!

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Online Life Coach Shannon Beck, CPC


I truly believe that each of us possesses pronounced gifts. Sometimes we shy away from them or we tuck them away, where they linger untapped, just under the surface. As your online life coach, I will work with you to uncover them. Learning to harness those gifts and use them to their full potential is the key to unlocking success in our lives – personally, professionally, and more.

For me, I began my career as a coach, not out of idle curiosity, but as a means to fulfill my own gifts. Through my unique experiences and the life I’ve been given, I’ve honed these gifts. These strengths make me excellent in my field; in short, coaching is my calling.

Still on the fence? Are you feeling unsure whether an online life coach can address the issues you’re facing. Working with such a diverse group of clients, I have had wide range of experiences with clients. Every client comes with a different set of struggles and goals, with challenges they are facing and results they want to see. What they bring to me as present obstacles, I see as future opportunities, My compassionate and connecting approach harnesses the strengths you already possess and turns them into tools in your own toolbox, that you will carry with you well after our life coach services online are finished. You already have the gifts you need – we just need to unwrap them. Learn more about specific roadblocks and issues clients brought to me, on my “What Can You Bring” page and see if you might relate to any of these.

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