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My Coaching Story

My training and life experiences also led me into coaching work with people who have survived traumatic events. It began mainly with domestic violence and narcissistic abuse recovery. These were patterns that I had experienced first-hand and so, it felt like a great service to help people out of the dark places in which I had once been.


  • Improve end-of-life care for themselves or a loved one

  • Feel less alone in the world

  • Find ways to reframe thought patterns

  • Craft a spiritual relationship with the divine that is uniquely theirs

  • Create new thought patterns to alleviate stress

  • Find a healthy perspective to handle life’s great sufferings

  • Understand their unique purpose here on earth

  • Recover from trauma or abuse

  • Move into a healthy life and relationships

  • Get insight into dating and the navigation of relationships

  • Have help with transitions in life or in the workplace

  • Build boundaries within challenging family and co-worker relationships

  • Understand and get to know their unique personality

  • Build an understanding of why chaos is happening in our society and the world and how to navigate it

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My Offerings

Spiritual and Healing Journeys

4 One-Hour Sessions

In a short time, we will be able to gain ground on patterns and goals that are affecting your life and build awareness in places where that knowledge is necessary in order to move forward.

8 One-Hour Sessions

In this time period, we will go deeper into patterns that keep showing up in your life, and together we will work on shifting them into a better life experience.

12 One-Hour Sessions

Twelve sessions will take you through an entire season of the human experience. We will have time to really go deep into life, find what it means to be you, without all the garbage of the outside world.

Leadership Coaching

Energy Leadership is a tool that helps us to understand how we show up with others both in everyday life and when we are stressed. This tool can also be used to help develop emotional intelligence, work-life balance, and elevate our life experience.

Client Reflections


About Shannon

Since I was a small child, I’ve had a relationship with what I call God—Universal Energy—the All-Knowing (it takes many names). After my mom died when I was three years old, I began to have a very strong connection with a world that others did not see. In my teens, I began a search for a religion that spoke to my heart. During this journey, I read the Bible, Torah, Koran, and most of the Buddhist writings. Later, I became a member of the Baha’i Faith. Through all this, I have developed a great respect for all religions, spiritual practices, and beliefs. I am also lucky enough to be able to pull all of this information together to use to create a strong set of tools to help clients.

In 2015, I became a certified professional coach that has since then spent hundreds of hours working with people through some of the hardest griefs and traumas that we, as a human race, can experience. I’m blessed to work with people both in my own hometown and around the world. I took what I have learned from studying psychology, exploring spirituality, honing my deep intuition, and surviving a life full of lessons and threw myself into assisting others along their journey.


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